Tuesday, June 22, 2004


vancouver, canada

Pissing it up one more time... Boone County Country Cabaret in Coquitlam! This Saturday, June 26. Everyone is invited, I'll probably get there around 10. Last big Booner night... maybe forever. End of an era. See you guys at "our spot".

Here we go...

vancouver, canada

Alright, it's one week before I leave for a chilly Cape Town winter so I thought I better figure out how I'm going to do this thing. This is my experiment post to get the bugs out before I go. For those of you that don't know, I'm moving to Cape Town South Africa on Wednesday to go to school at UCT for a semester before taking 6 weeks and traveling around Southern Africa.

Now that work has pretty much finished up I've been enjoying the hot Vancouver weather as much as I can. Camping, Baseball games, Out at Cultus Lake Waterslides yesterday with Nate and Maquinna, 24 Hour Relay with the crew from SSLC, BBQ for Lind's b-day at Spanish Banks... Gotta squeeze it all in before I go.

Here's a couple pictures from the last few weeks

More Later.