Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lion Tamers

vancouver, canada

For someone who misses travelling abroad as much as I do, I have to count myself lucky that I live where I do. Even when I've been home for as long as I have, I can still find some pretty spectacular places to get away for a while. This past weekend, Ian and I decided to climb to the top of "The Lions", a quintessential Vancouver landmark. It took us nearly 5 hours to get "almost" to the top, but of course were running out of sunlight and had to turn
around just short of the summit. On the bright side, we got a stunning view of the city, Howe Sound, and had a snowball fight in August.

What did you do yesterday?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Travels closer to home

vancouver, canada

I was able to spend nearly 4 straight weekends at the cabin on Chain Lake over late June and early July. While not nearly as exotic as some of the other places I've been, it's a pretty good comprimise when you find yourself in a career that precludes extended trips to far-flug places. Fishing, ATV'ing (is that a word?), swiming, campfires, steaks on the fire, and plenty of 1845.