Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Losing Touch

vancouver, canada

One of the consequences of extensive traveling is the creation of amazing friendships with amazing people and unfortunately the remorse that comes with doing a poor job of keeping in touch. I always have the best intentions of writing, calling, and messaging those people that have been such an important part of my life but somehow day-to-day responsibilities always seem to get in the way. Here are some people that have had an impact on me (some significantly, some more subtle) that I wish I could see more often (in no particular order):

Laura Peterson (USA), Laura Hawxwell (UK), Juli Petersen (Germany), Klara McKosh (S. Africa), Nick Alhers (USA), David Fuamba (DRC), Andrea Joebstl (Austria), Sarah Clear (Australia), Maria Anikina (Austria), Kira Hoffman (USA), Marjoe Prado (USA), Natalie Fullgrabe (UK), Nuray Presti (Hungary), Suzie Minervini (USA), Rebecca Falls (USA), Ras Stouby (Denmark), Marni Steckler (Canada), Lauren Hill (NZ), Jori & Theo (UK), Eskil Vethe Herfindal (Norway), Amanda Violette (Canada), Jake Kearney (Australia), Heather Wright (USA), Emilie Lakey (S. Africa), Doug Heim (USA), Dayan Karakachevi (Bulgaria), Craig Austad (USA), Bruno Van Den Elshout (Ned), Annie Wallace (USA), Klara (Namibia), Jenifer Partin (USA), Mark Migliorini (Australia), Nicky Muzio (UK), Sara McMillan (Canada), Vinay Pillai (India), Andrea Prenny (Canada), Enache Zarafu (Romania)

There are others I know but these names came to mind immediately when I started thinking about friends I wish I did a better job of staying in touch with.

Anybody feel a new year's resolution coming on?