Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ya Mampela?

cape town, south africa

So I went all the way up to the Pig and Whistle last week at 1AM, fully prepared to pay the owner of the pub to keep the place open until 3 (on a Wednesday) to watch Canada kick Finland’s ass. No such luck. The game was only televised on ESPN 2 and of course, they only get regular ESPN here! At least I’ll be home for the World Juniors. Hmmm… what else is new. Spent a week in the Drakensberg Mountains after flying to Durban. Did a bunch of hiking, did some cliff-jumping, had a pint in the highest pub on the continent… the usual.

Even went to Lesotho and visited a Sangoma (she’s like a traditional healer/witch-doctor) Spent a couple of days in Durban and met some really great people who gave me some great ideas about what to do with my five-weeks of travel time that I have after my last exam on November 2. Now I’m thinking about going to Atosha Game Reserve in Namibia, spending a couple of days at Vic Falls, and definitely doing some diving of the coast of Mozambique. There’s a few of us talking about renting a house boat in Zimbabwe on Lake Kariba for a couple of days too. So much to do…. So much money… good thing it grows on trees. Right?