Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Don't drink and fly

cape town, south africa

So after barely making my flight out of Vancouver thanks to traffic and my genetic disposition to pushing the clock, I finally made it onto the plane an determined never to be late for another flight...

not to be...

I had an 8 hour lay-over in London so I caught the Underground from Heathrow into town. It's July 1st, Canada Day, and after a little sightseeing I run into a guy wearing a Canucks jersey! As I walk past the guy, I see a HUGE crowd of people wearing hockey jerseys and waving Canadian flags. The police had the street blocked off and it was the biggest Canada Day party I'd ever seen! I met a whole bunch of people from all over Canada who were in London for all sorts of reasons. There must have been about 5 or 6 hundred people. There was a pub on the street called the Maple Leaf and they were selling nothing but Molson Canadian and Sleemans! Ya, so after about 3 hours, I'm on my second case of Canadian, am wearing a paper hockey helmet, and singing "Oh Canada" at the top of my lungs with a bunch of strangers from home. It was great! Finally, someone asked me what time my flight left and I was too drunk to care (or panic for that matter). Fortunately, this guy named Tim from Vancouver introduced me to his Austrian friend Bianca who was kind enough to lead me to the Underground station and make sure I got on the right train.

Heathrow is a BIG BIG airport... it's even bigger when you're vision is blurry and your feet aren't working properly. Thanks to the kindness of strangers I managed to get to my flight just as they were finishing up boarding.


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