Thursday, July 29, 2004

Just call me "Hottie"

cape town, south africa

I’m doing volunteer work with an organization on campus called SHAWCO. I get picked up at 3 on Tuesdays, with about 10 other volunteers, and we go to one of the settlements and visit a home for kids with severe mental and physical disabilities. It’s hard to describe what its like but it’s already one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I spend a couple of hours playing with kids that have conditions ranging from mild cerebral palsy to some that are nearly catatonic. All of them have been abandoned by their parents because of their disabilities and they live together in a tiny little 2-room building. I spend Tuesday evenings at an orphanage for children in a different settlement. These kids are happy and healthy for the most part, they’ve just been orphaned because of extreme poverty or AIDs. I spend a couple of hours here just playing with the kids. They love to dance and sing and the boys especially love to wrestle. It’s good times… Its like being 8-years-old again. I spent most of last Tuesday, pretending to be a WWF wrestler while 8 little boys tried to take me to the ground. Apparently, my new blonde hair makes me look like a WWF wrestler named “Scotty-Too-Hottie”, so that’s what they all call me.

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